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Hello Lovely Ladies!!!!! I MISS YOU SO MUCH. We are still closed im so sorry!! The first day we get a clearance I am ready for you!

Thank you for everyone who has checked on me and sent over thoughtful messages! I am well, and I pray you are as well! I miss having girl talk with each and every one of you all and making you feel as beautiful as possible! In the meantime, I hope you are taking care of yourself! Your brows should be thick and ready for me to tame them! If not, why aren't you doing the good ole castor oil trick?? Your natural lashes should be full and ready for a fulllllll set! Your skin should be so hydrated and moisturized you don't need a DROP of makeup!


Anywho! I added this blog to keep you updated on a lot of things. You should also be in the loop with text messages??? If not, text "AMARE BEAUTY" to 31996 to subscribe to the text list.

Over the next few days alot of things should be rolling out on the site. I know many of you are asking many questions, wanting to do how to's, tutorials, one on ones..etc. Lets get some things going while we are sitting on the couch! Keep yourself posted with this blog, and the "AB Education" tab.

**OH WAIT!! All my lovely clients who always ask about my playlist! I finally embed it on the website. Check the AB Education page for the link. I have a Tidal subscription, if you don't, it will only play 30 seconds of the song, but it gives you the song title and artist name.

I miss you I love you all!

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